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The sport of roller derby has gained a great popularity over the recent years, particularly among women. It is originally an American sport where, players lap the opponents for scoring their points. Originally, it didn’t have any fixed set of rules; however, after being a formalized sport it now has a lot of rules that must be followed. Being an adventure game, roller derby gear are quite useful for the protection of players.

Each player must be equipped with roller derby gear for their protection.

All these periods may range between 20 to 30 minutes depending on the number of periods in a game.

The amount of players in a team is five. Out of those five players, three are blockers, 1 jammer and the last player is pivot. The pivots are responsible for leading the pack constituted from the pivot and blockers.

The jammer players are required to stand 20 feet behind the pack in the start of the game.

The referee signals the start of jam by blowing a whistle. Upon this first whistle pack formation takes place which needs to stay as it is for the whole duration of the jam. The second whistle signals the jammers to get started.

Each jam last for 2 minute. This enables them to score points. So as to block the jammers in the opposite team, the pack should stay maintained, failing that, the pack cannot block the jammer from lapping. In the event of an offensive blocking, roller gear proves very handy to protect you.

The decision of who becomes the lead jammer is made on the basis of that has lapped all the blockers and pivots first. The lead jammer gains authority to stop the jam whenever he/she wishes even prior to the conclusion of the two minutes period.

However, the entire pack must be maintained throughout and every blocker can only use the portion of their body over the thigh. They can’t hit or hold the jammer with their elbows. Violation of this rule can lead to a penalty on the group. Once again, jammers will need to be wearing proper roller derby equipment to stay protected from unintended or planned attacks.

Penalties may be levied to the players or the team if the blockers become offensive or illegal, in cases of fights, or violation of any of the rules of the sport.

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