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Stunting is where all of the physical work and practice pays off. Previously called Pyramiding, stunting itself has also come into its own over the years. Physical prowess and dexterity will definitely be tested, though placement is important also. There are numerous stunts which may be used and memorized. There are also numerous variations done on these very same stunts! Easily the most physical detail, when done correctly, the showmanship and pageantry of this team really shines through.

Flexibility, tight muscles, and balance are a definite must to stunt correctly. Your body proportion has to be equal between your legs and your body, making it much easier to flip, etc.. When flying thorough the air, there is a never-ending struggle against gravity. All of the practice put in is finally going to pay out. When implemented well, quality stunting really gets the audiences going!

Starting off as the human pyramid, this simple gymnastic formation grew very fast in popularity. It starts out with the foundation, and smaller tiers of teammates are inserted, each level supported by the one below it. Naturally, the lighter teammates are positioned at the peak of the formation, while the strongest teammates occupy the foundation. There are many variations of how it could be achieved now. No matter how the pyramid is constructed, it takes strength and precise implementation. The teamwork that one has to achieve when learning to create pyramids is unmatched in any other sport. The lives of your teammates are literally in your hands.

There’s practically an entire catalog listing the kinds of stunts available. Preps, extension-preps, cupies, awesomes, extensions, thigh stands, and shoulder stands/sits, are just the tip of the iceberg! Stunting is hard work but well worth it. Hitting all your stunts in rivalry is the best feeling in the world.

Stunting is really the principal spectacle at the performances. It is the cherry on top of a excellent performance. High flying flips and feats of strength and endurance easily make it the performance’s spotlight. Stunting just has a natural attraction about it, and it is strangely fun to observe. With the right amount of dedication and practice, stunting can be even more enjoyable to be a part of.

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